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Le Continental friends and followers,

For the past year or so I’ve posted restaurant reports and photos from my travels on Instagram and concurrently on the Le Continental Facebook page. Instagram is an inadequate substitution for a blog imo for many reasons (weak search and tagging functions on Instagram show irrelevant, unsorted results, to name one reason) but blogs seem to be fading out. It’s too bad that independent, ad-free web sites are being replaced with corporate social media platforms but you have to keep up with your audience.

This web site / blog isn’t going anywhere so please keep it bookmarked for searching its 5 years of posts, which you can do in several ways: via the search box at the top right, using the category selector in the sidebar, by tag, or by searching in Google (for example if you type a restaurant name plus it will come up near the top).

I am tagging relevant posts on Instagram #lecontinental so you can find some that way (mixed in with posts from the Le Continental restaurant in Quebec City and many pictures that have nothing to do with classic restaurants or me).

Please also follow the Le Continental Facebook page because occasionally I share links to web articles, news about classic restaurants, and old posts from Le Continental.

The Jab