Restaurant Tips

No, this isn’t about tipping. Instead here are some suggestions for visiting classic restaurants:

  • Lower your expectations a bit regarding the food. While many old restaurants serve excellent food, sometimes the food may not be comparable to the best newer restaurants, especially in large cities that have a thriving food culture.
  • Always order the specialties of the house. If you go to a famous steakhouse get a steak. If you want to eat healthy or low fat don’t go to a steakhouse.
  • Avoid seafood unless the restaurant is known for its seafood. Just because it’s close to an ocean is not a guarantee that the fish will be fresh or well prepared. However, the reverse is true sometimes. For example, John’s Oyster Bar at the Nugget Casino in Sparks, NV (near Reno) has been serving superb seafood stews, pan roasts, and chowders since 1959 despite being a long way from the ocean (the fish is flown in daily).