Peter Moruzzi’s new “Classic Dining” book is coming soon!

Peter Moruzzi (author of “Havana Before Castro” and “Palm Springs Holiday”) just finished a new book called “Classic Dining: Discovering America’s Finest Mid-Century Restaurants” and it will be out on October 1st, 2012! In addition to gorgeous vintage graphics there will be stunning new photos by Sven Kirsten (author of “The Book of Tiki” and “Tiki Modern”). Here’s a sneak peek that will whet your appetite…

Moruzzi’s New “Classic Dining” Book Available for Pre-order | Peter Moruzzi’s America After Dark.

One thought on “Peter Moruzzi’s new “Classic Dining” book is coming soon!

  1. Thanks, Dean, I really appreciate your mentioning my upcoming book. I’m very happy with how it turned out. Let’s hope that those who share our passion for classic American restaurants will find out about it, too.

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